SMS Marketing


SMS/MMS Marketing is a natural extension of today's incredible traffic in text messaging. This is an opportunity not to be missed. 98% of all text messages are read! Compare that to other channels such as email, social media, direct mail and other traditional media.

Simply put - text messages get read. SMS/MMS engagement with your customers or clients is a form of Permission Based Marketing. Your audience has opted-in to receive your communications and not only expects to be contacted but is waiting for your call to action.


Social media interaction provides the potential to engage a large customer and prospect base. Through those interactions, your organization can reach a multitude of people who may not have otherwise been aware of your business.

Once a person likes or follows your brand, some of your posts and updates may appear in their news feed. Encouraging everyone to share your posts can increase your exposure many times over. Social integration strategies from Incept helps to build awareness, promote interaction, build marketing opt-in lists, reinforces the “viral” nature of social media, and drives content and blog marketing.


Mobile search has overtaken desktop search. Incept helps make sure that our clients are prepared and positioned to take advantage of this. The core of a successful mobile SEO strategy is understanding consumer behavior and why a customer searching on a mobile device is different than a customer searching on a desktop computer. A mobile a device search is 80% spontaneous versus 52% on a laptop or desktop computer. This means that mobile search is dynamic, fast moving, and often location-specific with current and potential customers ready to buy!

Mobile SEO needs to be integrated into every company’s overall strategy - backed by a solid mobile presence that ensures successful click-through rates - resulting in a highly engaging consumer interaction.

At Incept, we work with clients to ensure they have a mobile-friendly SEO strategy that will result in engaged customers each and every time. Strategy is where it all starts. Large or small, from scalable enterprise solutions to a one register retail store. Incept provides exactly what each individual client requires, from location based SEO, on-page SEO, to a fully customized approach.


The growth of mobile device use to browse the internet is tremendous. According to Google, over half of all web searches occur from a mobile device, and that number is approaching 75% for some types of businesses!

Your online presence must be mobile-friendly. In fact, Google and other search engines downgrade, or make your website more difficult to find with a web search if your website is not mobile optimized.

Incept works with brands - large and small - to create or up-level their web presence for a mobile world. And we do this for a fraction of what traditional advertising agencies charge. We don’t up-sell the “cutting-edge” solution that may not impact your specific needs. We simply create the right solution for your organization to reach your customers in a mobile-friendly way that won’t break your budget, providing a boost to your return on investment.


Apps can bring a high level of user engagement to your products or services in a way that no other marketing can do. The more a customer engages with your app the more they become vested in your product or service. Engagement is key to keeping you at the forefront of your customer’s minds.

App development not in your budget or strategy yet? Don’t know where to start? Native app versus a mobile app? Incept will work with you to identify and develop the most effective option to meet your goals and help develop a strategy to keep your customers coming back.


Strategy is where it all starts. From scalable enterprise solutions to a one register retail store, we provide clients a level of strategic consultation that best fits their needs.

At Incept, strategy means working hard to learn everything possible about our clients and making smart decisions about how to spend each and every dollar by understanding the needs of our clients and identifying the KPIs that define success.

There are many questions around mobile. How? Where? Why? When? The consulting arm of Incept is set up to help our clients to establish exactly what they need from mobile in the most intelligent, effective, and efficient way.

Incept’s marketing experts will not only customize a mobile marketing strategy to help you meet your company’s goals, but we will be with you during each stage of your campaign, helping to ensure your success through customized reporting, ensuring compliance with government regulations, and providing best practices.

Our passion at Incept is helping businesses succeed in the era of mobile marketing. It’s simply what we do.