Information Technology

SMS solutions for use in the IT industry are the perfect way to reduce inbound customer voice calls and emails, and to automate all processes related to workflow. Requiring no additional effort, an SMS messaging service not only saves time and money spent by the company on administration, but it also increases customer satisfaction and engagement.

IT service providers all across the world use SMS solutions for marketing and advertising, product integration, and maximization of customer service.

What are some of the benefits of SMS messaging for your IT business?

  • Reduce voice calls by up to 50%
  • Automate of customer contact
  • Send alerts and updates
  • Submit scheduling information and instructions to staff
  • Communicate with mobile employees
  • Reach large groups simultaneously
  • Send SMS details for promotions, events, and special offers
  • Alert customer base to new software releases
  • Invite consumers to upgrade or participate in beta testing
  • Send out staff rosters
  • Track responses

INCEPT is here to help you identify how using SMS IT solutions can positively impact on the overall performance of your business. There is no more convenient or cost effective way to communicate with your employees and your customers, and to improve the satisfaction of your clients.

Let INCEPT show you how you can invest in an SMS messaging service for your IT business today. Contact Us today!