Human Resources

A Human Resources department in any business can benefit enormously from investment in SMS solutions for HR. Processes are streamlined, and the operations of the business can be enhanced.

How can SMS solutions for HR benefit your business?

  • Send SMS notifications for fast communication
  • Develop, implement and maintain systems for performance management
  • Track responses
  • Reach all employees simultaneously in a crisis
  • Secure and reliable communication platform
  • Facilitate confidential communications using encrypted messages requiring PIN access
  • Schedule shifts and deliver rosters
  • Increase safety for remote workers
  • Communicate with job applicants
  • Manage interview schedules and notify changes to times or venues

SMS notifications are unobtrusive and mobile text messaging is the superior mode of real-time communication that is preferred by the vast majority of people. Let INCEPT help you learn more about how SMS solutions for HR can benefit your organization. Contact Us today!