The Incept platform allows you to quickly - and simply - produce and send mobile coupons through SMS. The system also allows you to create barcodes, promotion codes and more so you can easily track redemption and even integrate with your POS system. Reduce your paper footprint and printing costs by using mobile coupons.
Want a great way to engage with your customers? Generate leads? Encourage opt-ins? Text-To-Win functionality on the Incept platform makes it easy to do all of this by using text-to-win contests to increase opt-ins and drive engagement with your customers. Host mobile competitions quickly and easily using the Incept platform.
The Incept social plugins makes it easy to post SMS deals, contests and alerts to your Facebook page and Twitter feed simultaneously. Instantly spread the word, increase offer sharing, likes on your page and grow your opt-in database among your fans and followers.
Leverage the built-in traffic of your current website and Facebook page. Incept provides you with a simple, widget (programming code) you can easily incorporate into your website or Facebook page to allow your visitors to sign up for your text lists right from these sites.
Missed appointments do nothing but drive down profitability. The Incept mobile appointment management tool allows you to set up individual or multiple appointment reminders. Each SMS reminder allows the end-user to text back whether they’re on-time, need to reschedule or are running late. Decreasing no-shows and increasing your bottom line.
Loyalty programs are a great way to retain your customers – and increase their business with you – by rewarding them, and now you can create a loyalty program without the paper punch card. Incept makes it simple – all that’s required to track points and reward customers is their mobile phone number. Create your customer’s virtual punch cards. Which are easier to track, and nearly impossible to lose.
There is no easier way to build ongoing interaction with you customers than using our auto-responder feature. You can build a messaging strategy and schedule the exact time you want each message sent. Today, tomorrow or in a year or more. Auto-responders give you the ability to easily produce ongoing campaigns that reach customers consistently over time.
The Incept platform can communicate with a number of email marketing solutions, allowing you to leverage your email contact lists to help build your SMS contact list. Connect your email account, choose the list to sync, map the fields, and hit sync. Simple as that. You can use your email forms to collect mobile numbers and have them trigger auto-responders to further build you opt in database.
Incept’s platform allows you to immediately gain insight into your SMS efforts. See open rates, conversion rates, opt in/out graphs, geographical stats and link tracking. The Incept platform provides you with all the information you need to continually optimize your campaigns to achieve better and better results.
Take your business presentations, trainings and conferences to a new level. Text-to-Screen allows a live audience to text a keyword followed by a personal message or question to a designated short code, which can then be posted on a screen/projection device where the live audience and speaker can view the message.
You want to better understand your customers needs, but it can be tough to solicit feedback. Incept makes it easy. Utilize the Incept functionality to engage your audience while gathering valuable feedback so you can make informed decisions. Ask customers to rate your service, choose a new product, or give feedback—all with instant results.
Your contacts are much more than just phone numbers on a list. Address each one by name. This Incept feature allows you to easily merge first names, last names and more into your text marketing campaigns for that personal touch.
Incept loyalty kiosks are a great way to engage customers. Kiosks are mobile landing pages for either opt-in or redeeming mobile loyalty points. The kiosk builder makes it easy to deploy these landing pages so you can look like a pro when building your opt-in list and rewarding your loyal customers.
Kick start your opt-in database by leveraging the customer information you already have. If you already have a qualified* list of mobile phone numbers, Incept makes it easy to add them to your SMS campaigns. You can also include additional attributes like name, email, and personalized notes.