Churches/Religious Organizations

Text messaging is an excellent method of communication and fund raising for churches. Engage with your core members, increase weekly attendance, and strengthen your long term spiritual influence.

As the head of a growing church, you want to prioritize communication. Make sure all members of your congregation stay in the loop. You want your church to feel like a community without anyone feeling left behind. You can use church texting to grow your weekly attendance, increase participation, and send out important announcements and reminders.

Church texting is one of the best ways to stay connected with your members and it's incredibly effective. The ability to send instant reminders and notifications to hundreds or thousands of people is incredibly valuable and cost effective.

How can SMS solutions work for your religious organization?

  • Daily Devotionals
  • Service Delays or Cancellations
  • Small Group Reminders
  • Fund Raising

Let INCEPT show you how SMS messaging service can be helpful to your religious organization. Contact Us today!