Agency Integration

Text messaging is a superior marketing tool in and of itself, and can be even more so when integrated with traditional advertising and marketing campaigns. With immediate access to measurable results, adding an SMS component to your client’s business can not only make them successful, but differentiate your offering and capabilities against your competition.

INCEPT offers SMS solutions, support and access to our platform as either a third party partner, or a white label service that can be branded by your agency to your current clients and prospects.

SMS marketing solutions can work for your clients in a variety of ways:

  • Personalize messages to a vast database of recipients
  • Schedule marketing campaigns
  • Set up automatic bulk delivery of your campaign at appropriate times
  • Tag message responses
  • Generate “on-the-spot” deals
  • Build and maintain a detailed client database
  • Gather user data and create accurate customer profiles
  • Encourage customer participation and gain insights via surveys and questionnaires
  • Process replies and opt-outs
  • Monitor click through rates
  • Increase sales through keyword promotion

SMS marketing solutions via an SMS messaging service are the way of the future. Let INCEPT show you how the service works and how it can be of immense benefit to your agency. Contact Us today!