School administration can be streamlined and improved immeasurably by the use of SMS Education Solutions. Using SMS for administration in education is the most appropriate and convenient way to communicate with parents, teachers, students, and other staff.

SMS can be applied to preschools, primary and secondary schools, and universities, learning centers, and training facilities.

Here are some of the benefits that SMS messaging can provide:

  • Absenteeism alerts: promptly alert parents or guardians to a child’s absence.
  • Communicate classroom changes, timetabling changes, event or exam modifications, etc. to students
  • Bulk SMS to communicate with large groups/teams/clubs instantaneously
  • Notify of weather cancellations
  • Provide excursion updates
  • Reminders for events
  • Notify of parent/teacher events
  • Provide general reminders
  • Coordinate parent volunteers
  • Send payment reminders
  • Provide updates on student performance and progress
  • Minimize administrative costs

Take your educational facility’s communication to the next level with an SMS messaging service and attendance tracking software. Let INCEPT help show you how. Contact Us today!