Sports Organizations & Clubs

SMS messaging service can be a sports club’s greatest asset. Communication between club officials, administrators, players, and fans is critical — whether advising of changes to game locations, ticket offers, weather changes or special events. With an SMS messaging service, every member of the club’s database can be contacted simultaneously and instantaneously, allowing procedures to be streamlined.

Many local clubs and associations have a number of teams and groups; and SMS allows you to segment audiences so messaging can quickly and easily be set up so that specific teams, selected persons, or the entire database can be contacted.

SMS solutions can be applied to a range of situations, including:

  • Weather notices
  • Training information
  • Ticketing, Merchandise and Concession offers
  • Meeting arrangements
  • Social event organization and management
  • Fund raising event organization and management

There is no more convenient way to manage your association or club communications. Enable the very best communication for your club and its members by investing in an SMS messaging service today. Let INCEPT help show you how. Contact Us today!