If you operate an entertainment venue, offering people a good time is what you’re all about — an blockbuster movie; a moving play or musical; an irreverent comic; an ear-splitting concert; or a breath-taking performance.

There really is no business like show business… But what if no one shows up? Whether you run a concert venue, a nightclub, or a theater, if you don’t people in the seats, your business is in for a disastrous turn of events.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to ensure that all your events draw a sell out crowd. SMS for Entertainment Venues. With text message marketing, powered by INCEPT, your place will be packed for every performance.

Here are just a few ways that you can use text messaging:

  • Event Reminders Keep your audience updated with weekly or monthly texts about your upcoming events.
  • Exclusive Offers Reward returning show-goers with exclusive text coupons and special discounts.
  • Exciting Ticket Giveaways Hold an attention-getting sweepstakes for free tickets via text messaging to build a buzz about your business.

Let INCEPT help show you how to integrate SMS marketing into entertainment venue. Contact Us today!